At Algenol we are passionate about what we do.

Careers at algenol

Algenol is proud to be a drug-free workplace and an

Equal opportunity employer

  • “Working at Algenol to develop technology that can have a significant impact on climate change and quality of life is very satisfying. Being a part of a diverse team of scientists and engineers trying to find economically viable solutions presents a new exciting challenge almost every day. That’s what makes Algenol a great place to work.”

    Bill Porubsky, Ph.D. – Chief Research Officer
  • “Algenol is great because … I get to work on a variety of challenges facing emerging technologies within the field, and I get to do it with smart, creative, and fun people “

    Matthew Anderson – Scientist
  • “Working at Algenol has been extremely rewarding, knowing that each and every day we are one step closer to creating a better source of clean energy and green products. This is a scientist’s dream job! The people I work with are amazing—we are like one big family here. We help each other through challenges and celebrate our accomplishments together. Seeing an experiment carried out from beginning to end, knowing that I had a part in helping us get a little closer to reaching our goals is so fulfilling.”

    Jodie Noel – Operations Associate
  • “At Algenol, I have the ability to work in a field where I can really make a difference, by working on real world problems to find sustainable solutions. The work is challenging, yet incredibly rewarding.”

    Kim Anderson, Ph.D. – Director, Molecular Biology
  • “One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is working with such smart, passionate, and dedicated colleagues—we really have a wonderful team!”

    Laura Belicka, Sr. Scientist, Cultivation Engineering
  • “I love the cohesion among the Algenol team! Everyone here shares the same vision and is dedicated to our mission.”

    Nicole Simkonis – General Administrative and Finance Associate
  • “I love working at Algenol because we are developing a new sustainable fuel source. I plan to gift my life’s work to future generations to help them achieve a whole earth balanced carbon cycle, while enjoying the bounties of clean, abundant energy”

    Bodie Drake – Plant Manager